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1st March 2004

influxist6:19pm: "Great Books Online"
influxist6:18pm: The Gutenberg Project (Download Books)
influxist6:16pm: 1
University of Pennsylvania Online Book (and more) Archive:

29th February 2004

influxist8:13pm: INTRO
This is a public information flux project. I care about concise, intelligent, sophisticated contributions. This is to be a valuable and sophisticated list devoted to printed and online information of intellectual, philosophical, political... nature. Post the names, etc. of important books, articles, etc. These may be available online or offline. Please also post links if possible and refer to pages hosting projects such as these.


a) concise
b) efficience
c) anonymity

This is an experiment in

a) communication through information
b) modern education
c) internet information management

Contributions will initially be screened, so please feel free to post anything. Also post comments and improvements in this test period.

Thank you,

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